Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feature Review

The feature tonight, March 13th Sunday, with Emily Rose, Deonte Osayande, and Crystal Reign was absolutely fabulous. I am not writing this because I was in it, I'm merely stating facts. The dynamic between the artist and the audience was pure perfection. An artist couldn't have asked for a better audience they were attentive and gave positive energy back. Exactly what performers want. It's not an ego trip either, it's give and take. We give the best of us and we just ask that a little joy gets returned.

Emily Rose was perfection, her singing was heavenly. She is surely blessed with the ability to calm, inspire, and entertain simply by using her voice and guitar.

Deonte Osayande what can I say about this young, gifted poet. His words were more than entertaining they provided knowledge.

Crystal Reign, well I don't know what to say about myself. If I say anything it will seem like an ego trip. I will simply say I hoped I touched someones heart.

The other performers tonight were great. The open mic list included Lite Shineth, Wardell Montgomery, Wryter L Bush, Timothy Clark, the Drunken Muse host/hostess, and many more. They were all great and deserve to be featured artist.

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