Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I haven't had much time to write on the blog/website due to activities and starting a new job. It's been amazing juggling everything. In order to concentrate on training for a new job I had to let go of some things. The main thing was going to open mic's. In order to truly focus not just on the job but on finishing the second book and a play, which didn't get funded on kickstarter, it is what had to be done. In addition to the new job I am directing a show for this years Boxfest (Detroit, Mi.) It's a festival of original play shorts, I picked the longest of course. I couldn't help it I was drawn to it. I have and plan to continue to audition for local productions. So, although I have had to let go of one creative aspect I enjoy several other creative outlets are keeping me busy. I left out that I am also the host for In Harmony Cafe (Pure Word Church) for the next two months (July & August.) All I can say is "what a busy little bee I have been."

 Many people expect you to do nothing but support, they don't come to support you, but yet they expect you to continue to give. Well being felt like I was being pulled in every direction but the one I wanted to go in, I decided to let go. I encourage everyone to do this. Don't fuss, don't moan and complain just let go, and I hate to be cliche but let God go to work. If you believe in something else than do you by all means but for me the lord above steers this ship.

I wrote a poem which I say in it "I don't feel like a butterfly some days" right now I have to say I do. Well not a butterfly yet but in process of becoming one. I'm in the cocoon stage and I can't wait to see what the final product will be.

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