Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food for the soul 2

Lately I have been thinking about the soul.  Not if we have one, and not if it continues on after we are dead.  I have been thinking of do us as a people nourish our souls enough or even at all?  I mean we read meaningful books, meditate, do yoga, and some chanting or praying until they are too hoarse to speak.  I have to ask again is that enough.  Mind you they are great stress relievers for the mind and body.  I know, I haven't made time for any of the above and my body is letting me know.

How does any of it help the soul?  All of it seems to help us physically or mentally prepare for something, but how does it help the soul prepare for it's next journey? 

If the soul is forever living and each time it's striving to correct past mistakes in order to achieve it's life purpose to fulfill it's destiny how come it's forever?  The fulfilling of it's purpose would mean a peaceful rest lets say, but if it's continuously striving not reaching it's purpose what is the point of all the prayer, yoga, mediating?  Is it simply to appease the person?  Making them feel good about themselves, and happy with their actions.

Again how do we truly prepare the soul?

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