Monday, July 4, 2011

Is this possible?

At the last event I hosted I asked a question about change. It was inspired by a song the DJ played the line was something about coming together to change the world. It prompted me to ask the questions, is coming together to change the world possible? Lately I have had my doubts. It takes me back to when I would listen to poets on the mic talking all this jazz about positivity and loving one another, when in actuality they believed just the opposite. They would be the first one to not speak to someone for whatever reason or bad mouth another poets/artists work. So again is this possible, coming together to make a change?

Singers sing about it, painters paint about it, and many march and have marched to for change and to create change. However people complain even more today that not much has changed. So, what is the solution? It seems that people would have to change first and well people are stubborn. People are set in their ways and many don't like change. Those who do want change want to treat it like instant oatmeal and expect immediate results. So, this would mean we are unrealistic. Again I have to ask what is the solution.  How can people come together to change the world?

I agree that people need to work on themselves first in order to bring about any form of change, but the constant focus of self could cause a disconnection from humanity. Become so far removed only the tip of the nose would get attention. I believe by helping others we actually help ourselves. We start seeing more and feeling more our own issues could even become trite. Causing solutions to personal problems that may make you reach out to others.

In my opinion the problem is people focus on themselves so much that they disconnect without even knowing it. People put themselves in little groups and label themselves into categories creating a small world for themselves. The smaller our world the smaller our thoughts.


  1. We are naturally selfish ppl to begin with. Couple that with the fact that although times are hard, we as a people haven't felt strongly enough about our present situation to truly come together and do something (i.e., march, boycott)

  2. I agree with you Baxter. Although people talk a lot they don't seem inspired to do anythihg. How can that be changed?