Saturday, March 3, 2012

Women at The Detroit Contemporary

I highly enjoyed the guest poets (Ber-Henda Williams, Christina Perez, Aryn Smith, and Sherina Rodriquez), and the guest panelist (Gilda Snowden, Sabrina Nelson, Erin Martinez, and JenClare Gawaran.) With this being National Women's Month the ladies spoke about how being a woman affects thier artwork. Now not being there you may have thought the conversation was a bunch of male bashing, and over indulgence of the female body parts. No, when asked that question about how thier gender affects thier artwork all of them simply stated, I'm an artist. None of them saw a separation between the two, and after talking about it and thinking back the women didn't think anything of it until others pointed it out.

Funny how it takes someone else to get us to look at ourselves. I'm not talking about looking in a mirror seeing only the outside, but the inside as well. I related to majority of what the women spoke about especially Gilda. As I venture into my business deeper you can't help but notice the little politics, especially if most of the people you as a single female are dealing with are men.

The main advice they gave to focus on was to not stop pursuing who you are, and don't put anything on hold thinking it will hinder you in some way. That is hard, we all get that feeling of "is this the right move?" second thought. The main thing is to make the move and not look back.

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